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Boost Your Manufacturing Leads

An Introduction to Inbound Marketing
for Manufacturers

Supercharge Your Manufacturing Marketing 

So many companies in the industrial manufacturing sector struggle to get measurable results from their marketing. 

One of the biggest problems is time: sales teams are spending too much time marketing and not enough time closing deals.

That's why a successful marketing automation plan makes the most sense in the industrial sector. It allows you to grow leads organically and automatically, and gives your sales team more time to convert

In this eBook, we'll lay out how Inbound Marketing helps you automate your marketing, allowing you to boost leads and revenue

Topics include:

  • Why Inbound works for manufacturing.
  • How Inbound attracts more online manufacturing consumers
  • Tools and practices for implementing Inbound for your company.
  • Some obstacles manufacturers might face when implementing Inbound.

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Some Answers You'll Get from This Ebook


How Will Inbound Marketing Help Your Campaigns?

  • Save time: by automating your marketing, you boost your leads while giving your sales team more time to convert them.
  • Connects the Dots: the Inbound System creates a strategy that organically grows your marketing reach and increases leads.
  • Quickly Measure Results: Creating a central hub for analyzing and measuring ROI is essential for the continued development of your marketing goals and strategy.

Answers to Industrial Marketers' Toughest Challenges

  • Strategy: Successful marketing requires systematic processes in order to create an organized lead-driving machine.
  • MeasurementHow do manufacturers know that their marketing is working before the sale is made?
  • Connections: With so many online properties and techniques (your website, blog, social media, and emails) how do you get them to work together?

Most Industrial professionals look online to find ‚Äúcomponents, equipment, services and suppliers" but only 12% manufacturing marketers consider their campaigns successful*.

*GlobalSpec's "2014 Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector"

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