Give Your Team a Roadmap to Reach Your Digital Marketing Dreams

Arm your team with the most comprehensive digital marketing audit around.

Marketing is More Confusing than Ever

The internet has given marketers more tools and more information, but it feels like we're more confused than ever. Instead of empowerment, marketers feel overwhelmed and vulnerable.

Don't worry: you're not alone. This problem plagues everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 firms. You need a trusted adviser to cut through the noise and develop a prioritized plan of action.

Our comprehensive digital marketing audit will quantify your areas of strength and prioritize opportunities to improve across your digital platforms.

Escape the marketing madness with a
custom digital marketing roadmap to achieving your marketing goals.

If You're Asking These Questions, This Audit is Right for You

How Are We Really Doing?

We'll help you understand the current state of your digital assets and where you can start improving.

What Should We Prioritize?

We'll align your next steps with your actual business goals, so you get the maximum results from your efforts.

Who Should Be Doing What?

We'll work with you to build a roadmap catered to the capabilities and strengths of your actual team.

It's Not Just Data. It's a Roadmap.

Your audit doesn't just tell you what's going on. It tells you what to do next

The scope includes:

  • Website Usability & SEO
  • Social Media Presence 
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Paid Digital Advertising Efficiency
  • Marketing Automation Campaign Best Practices
  • Management Reporting
  • A Customized Roadmap to Marketing Success

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It's a Simple Process


You'll fill out a discovery questionnaire so we can get the information needed to understand your digital marketing operation.


We meet with you to clarify the questionnaire responses, discuss your business priorities, and answer any questions you may have.

The Audit

We gather data across all of your digital platforms, research your competitive set, perform our analysis, and assemble our report.

Your Roadmap

We meet with you to review the report and our recommendations, including our prioritized marketing roadmap.
Sherry at B-WI

“The digital audit provided by Inalign gave me clarity by establishing an objective professional assessment of our performance across all of our digital marketing channels and a prioritized roadmap for improvement."

Sherry Widrick
Director of ERP Strategy
Barry-Wehmiller International

Why 300+ Companies Partner with Inalign

We're Pros

We've been around for 20 years and worked for hundreds of businesses, from local firms to Fortune 500 Businesses. 

We're Tech Gurus

Our DNA is 0's and 1's. We are analytical, data driven, critical thinkers by nature. We leverage the industry's best tools, but aren't afraid to build our own.

We're Marketing Experts

Our clients don't hire us for clever lines or pretty pictures. They hire us because our data-driven marketing strategies work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay Inalign when I can see firms advertising free audits?

Because you’re a marketing professional who recognizes marketing tactics that are designed to engage you so that firm can sell you something else. With Inalign, you’re paying for a quality, independent audit because you’re serious about improving your digital marketing.

After the audit, will Inalign pitch additional service work?

The only additional service work we will offer to you is follow-up audits to help you assess your progress. We expect that you’ll leverage your own team or current agency resources to address our recommendations. We want to help your team, not replace your team.

I’ve found guidelines for performing my own internal audit. What is the value of engaging a firm like Inalign?

We can provide you more confidence in the results because our recommendations are originating from the perspective of an experienced and independent third party, objectively analyzing your digital marketing practice in light of your organizational goals. Fresh eyes offer fresh insights.

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And then what happens?

What Happens Next

  1. Fill out the discovery questionnaire below and click 'Get Started'
  2. The submission confirmation page will appear and you'll be asked to select a date and time that is convenient for a 20-minute introductory meeting
  3. We'll send you a confirmation of the meeting time via email and a short agenda for our meeting
  4. At the appointed time, we'll join you on a conference call to learn more about your marketing goals and answer any questions you may have
  5. At the end of that call, you'll decide if you're ready to engage Inalign to perform the audit and prepare your custom digital marketing roadmap